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J-Squared Gaming Network

Minecraft Community Network

Welp this is our biggest pack update in a year.
Here is what we did

Removed Tree Capitator
Removed Adventure packs (bugged when you die with gravestones and a duping bug)
Removed Hamsters (crashes occasionally)

Minor config edits to

What did we add to the pack
1. Ars Magica .009 up form .008 to fix a bug that caused you to lose all research when you switch between dimensions.
2. Updated Railcraft for misc bug fixes
3. Added Hats for some fun
4. Added Hat Stands because i could
5. Added Inventory pets for those buffs and stuff to do
6. Added ichunutils so we could run hats
7. Added SYNC for PIGPOWER
8. added NEI addons to help with item sorting
9. Added Thaumcraft Nei Addon for those who ant a easier time with thaumcraft
10. Readded Iquana tweaks for some more difficulty
11. Added No more recipe conflicts mod (sounded good)

The world was reset at 6pm. We could not keep everyones inventories. Sorry folks. This will be the last update we have for awhile unless its a critical bug fix! Have fun, dig deep, hide fast, die well!

We will be resetting the all myst dims, the end and cleaning up all shops older then 21 days of inactivity.

Thank you for your time

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce, Teamspeak is back!

IP: ts.j-squared.co or
Recently we've been having a few issues with the Tekkit Server related to spot loaders and are trying to resolve the issue as fast as we can. Hopefully we should be able to resolve this within the next few days.

Once we have the problem fixed, the spot loaders you've payed for will be returned, we ask that our users are patient while we try to get this resolved.

Further Information will be posted as we know more.
Thanks for playing!
I would like to announce

The addition of Viserate to our staff as a moderator. Hes a good fit and will serve you all well/
The promotion of Jman to Administrator. He will serve everyone with class and professionalism.
The movement of Superstiv from Tekkit to B-Team. Sad to see you leave tekkit but a awesome addition to the b-team server!

Congrats all!
You'll all notice that last week we've put our new site in place. The team has been working on this for the last couple of weeks to give you guys a more rounded experience. Don't forget to check out our Discord Server and Steam Group.

This month I joined the J-Squared Network team as a Partner. A little bit about me... I've been helping Kerb on and off for the last 20 years on different projects and I've finally decided to step up and help him. My primary role at the moment is as a Webmaster, if you need any help with the site or have any recommendations you can either PM me or post on the Website Help/Support board.

~ Kakers
We will be adding more features to our donator shop over the next few days.

40 Hours Autorank time has been added today 02/24 for 7.50
This is a huge savings for the playeras the 20 hour is 4.50.

We will be adding ranks and more gifts for your hard earned dollar so stay tuned!

I am pleased to announce that we now have a Discord!
We are getting rid of teamspeak and moveing on to bigger and better things, AKA Discord.

Check our Discord out;

You all should know that Mystcraft can be a dangerous and unpredictable mod. Before you jump randomly into a Mystcraft dimension I suggest putting your items away and checking it out first.

The server and staff are not responsible for meteors blowing your things up or you falling into the void in these worlds.
Yes we decided to put up a pvp server for those interested in doing some killing.
Some things you need to know

1. Factions for land claiming
2. Faction economy. It cost to do stuff. So install cash in the faction banks.
3. Keepinventory is off. You die it drops. (the server does trash removal every 30 minutes)
4. The spawn hub is small. Keep it simple and to the point.
5. Banned items will be removed. Only thing banned are the stuff that hurts the server. Not the players
6. This sever is a new server. That means if your banned on the pve, your not on pvp.
7. Purchased ranks will be carried to both servers.

IP: j-squared2.beastmc.com:25586
Good luck and happy killing.
Posted Nov 12, 16 ยท OP