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  1. Tekkit Server is now back online

    By kerbango, 10/01/2017

    Sorry for the extended downtime as we were doing Maintenance that caused a small error. We are back online!


  2. Staff Needed

    By Viserate, 09/22/2017

    Hello all!

    I'm here to inform you all that we are actively searching for staff to moderate the Tekkit server, and we're also looking for staff to moderate (and possibly admin, if proven trustworthy) on the future Vanilla 1.12 Factions server.

    Requirements for the staffing positions include but are not limited to:

    1. Eight (8) hours minimum playtime (and this includes interacting with the chat) per week. We want to see our Mods online and helping people! We don't want hundreds of e-mail complaints that our staff aren't helping!
    2. An app called Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) that allows communication throughout the day.
    3. Communication! We understand that everyone has a life outside of Minecraft, and we want to work with you on that, but if you disappear for days at a time without messaging or responding, we may have to get rid of you!
    4. Literacy of the modpack (Tekkit server) and of the plugins we use (Vanilla and Tekkit server).

    Please keep these things in mind when applying and possibly going through the interview portion! We don't want to waste ours or your time with this. Also, when filling out the application, keep in mind grammar and sentence structure. If we can't read or understand what you're saying, we will just skip the answer. Also, please read the whole question. We've had people submit answers without reading the whole question, and we make fun of them.

    While we do want to have fun with this as a whole, which we do, we want to be as professional as possible. Thank you!

    J-Squared Owners